If you have tried to apply to Canada in the past but were rejected, or if you were denied entry, we can explore the underlying reasons and assess your previous application(s) and personal situation.

Sometimes the reason for a rejection can be addressed by improving on a previously-filed application or exploring a different immigration stream.

In other cases, admissibility issues might affect your ability to come to Canada. In unique circumstances applicants that have been informed of inadmissibility may still have options to enter Canada. These processes are highly personal and case dependent, and they require a high degree of care before any further course of action is taken on a possible return to Canada.

When applications are rejected, there may be the potential to seek a remedy through an appeal process. Appeals may need to be filed quickly, so getting immediate advice can make a major difference in your process. Please note that while we can represent clients on certain appeals  (i.e. the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada) we cannot file Judicial Reviews. If a Judicial Review is one possible avenue for recourse, we can advise you on range of options and next steps.

If any of these cases appear to match your experiences, contact Wood Consulting to book an appointment.